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Are my items "ethically sourced"?

I frequently see this term used without any further definition, with some merchants claiming just about every source of animal product is "ethical".

But everyone has their own ethical system. Some people can't abide hunting for any reason, while others are fine with subsistence hunting, or population control, and still others won't accept anything that didn't die of "natural" or "non-human" causes. And there are plenty more ways to categorize items as ethical or not.

I am not a hunter. I don't source directly from hunters or trappers, or animals from fur farms. I try to avoid animals raised in captivity, including domestics. I don't claim that makes me better or worse, it is simply what I choose to do based on my own ethical system.

I DO have a variety of sources, including major US fur dealers who legally obtain items from auctions. Other pieces come from taxidermists or garment makers, who may not use all the parts in their mounts or clothing. Some is sourced from Native owned businesses, who work with local subsistence hunters to use their hides instead of leaving them to rot. Still others come from old collections, estate sales, or individuals selling antiques or second hand items. Nothing I sell was ever killed specifically for my artwork.

My personal belief is that we are all animals, and we all have the same right to life. This may seem in conflict with my art, and I understand and appreciate those who cannot accept it due to different beliefs; these items may not be for everyone. But I have always been driven to take the remains of those who have died and create things which honor those individuals. If this resonates with you, then welcome to my works!

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