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Image of Wolf Skin Headdress Commission

Wolf Skin Headdress Commission


This wolf skin headdress will be made from a professionally tanned Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) pelt carefully shaped into a natural looking state. Soft deerskin ties terminated with wooden beads, and deerskin straps, make it easy to wear.

These pelts have a tail, but may or may not have legs, and do NOT have feet or claws.

I only make hollow-style headdresses, meaning there are no fake eyes, jaws, form, or lining between you and the skin. Pelts offered here are only available as part of the commission. Due to the variable nature of tanned furs, I only work with skins that I supply, and I take all responsibility for a successful re-hydration and working of the skin. Should something not go as planned you will be notified and have the option to cancel the order. Please allow up to one and a half months for the completion of your headdress.

Prices are based on several variables including color, fur quality, size, and level of completeness. I make a limited number of these per year and full payment is required before work begins.

The first image is an example of a previously sold headdress and what you can expect. Please select one of the pelts currently available on this page. I've included as much description as possible, but keep in mind some faces will not show their true form until they are re-hydrated. The natural pigment of the nose, eyes, and mouth will be restored with a touch of acrylic paint.

A.) Length - 70" nose to tail tip. Color - Light tan to medium brown with black guard hair. Heavy fur. Has lower lip. The long legskins give the appearance of feet, but no feet or claws are present. Bare spot on left side of chest near arm. Some scarred areas on right side and around the right shoulder, which the fur covers pretty well. Some small spots of scarring/missing hair on the muzzle, may be somewhat apparent after repairs. Fresh tan. Female wolf from Canada.

B.) Length - 66" nose to tail tip. Color - Light brownish grey with black guard hair. Very heavy fur. No lower lip. Long legskins but no feet (one dew claw present). Body has scattered repairable holes and some bare spots on the throat, which the fur covers pretty well. Face has a tear which will be repaired. Fresh tan. Male wolf from Yukon.

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