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Image of Curiousity Collection - Altar Chest

Curiousity Collection - Altar Chest


With this collection you will have an assortment of natural oddities which I have amassed over the years. These items are cradled on a bed of moss and lichen within a latched wooden chest.

Rectangular chest measures 2.5 x 3.75 inches and contains the following:
Buffalo tooth
Raw citrine
Raw amethyst cluster
Antique wolf toe bone
Polished ammonite
Raw quartz crystal
[following smaller items captured in a corked glass bottle]
Raccoon finger bone
Coyote tooth
Fisher claw
Porcupine claw
Quartz with carbon inclusions

Square chest measures 3.5 inches and contains the following:
Raw citrine crystal
Raw amethyst cluster
Raw blue kyanite stone
Ammonite fossil
Raw quartz crystal
Coyote tooth
Badger claw
Pine cone
Fossil ram's horn oyster
Arctic fox claw

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