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Wolf Smudge Kit - Sage Cleansing Bundle

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This uniquely wearable smudging kit is everything you need to cleanse your space (besides a flame!)
Each kit contains a stick of wonderfully aromatic Palo Santo wood from South America, a bundle of California white sage, one piece of natural selenite from Africa, a hand rolled natural beeswax candle, and a North American wild turkey feather wand, all rolled in a tanned black Canadian wolf fur legskin (discards from a taxidermist), and tied with soft brown deerskin lace.
Sage measures 6.5 to 7 inches. The lace straps adjust to fit a variety of sizes of sage and other items of similar shape.
This bundle can be hung on a wall or walking staff, tied to a belt, or worn as a necklace with the leather thong provided. A truly versatile kit!

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