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Image of White Wolf Head Wallhanger

White Wolf Head Wallhanger


Offered here is a vintage tanned Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) head and neck skin. Beautiful color, basically white to ivory white, with scattered grey guard hairs on the neck and forehead. I almost never have this color wolf.

Sold as a wallhanger due to the apparent age of the tan. The leather on the neck still has some stretch to it, but the face feels like it may have been soaked to lie flat, so that area is bit more stiff. There is one small hole at the corner of the mouth, and one larger hole along the edge of the neck, as well as a small tear behind the right ear. It has a sewn tear from the corner of the eye to the nose. It has ears, lower lip, and nose.

Measures 21" from nose to edge of neck.

Check your state laws before purchase of wolf items.

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