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Image of Grey Wolf Face

Grey Wolf Face


These are slightly damaged tanned Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) faces. These heads are discards from Alaskan garment makers. I have three, all about the same greyish brown color. All have noses and ears. I'm not sure how long ago these were tanned, but the leather still feels sewable.

The larger two are almost identical, and measure 11" from nose to edge of neck. They both have partly bald ears, and tears at the corners of the mouth. Leave a note in your order if you have a preference on which one of these you want.

The smaller one measures 9.5" from nose to edge of neck, and has a Yukon tag attached. There are some pea-sized holes in the nose area, and a quarter size damaged area below the eye. The corners of the mouth are torn.

Check your state laws before purchase of wolf items.

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